Resident Coordinator – Irma Guevara

May 4, 2016
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Ms. Irma Guevara is our Resident Service Coordinator and joined us here at Tall Timbers Apartments August 1, 2019.  Ms. Guevara is excited about being a part of our team and we know that Ms. Guevara will help make our team SPARKLE!

As a member of our team, Ms. Guevara, will communicate the philosophy and objectives of Atlantic Housing Foundation to the residents in our Community.  As a Resident Service Coordinator she will be a vital link in the operation of Atlantic Housing Foundation, working to communicate the needs, attitudes, tones, and problems of our Community to management. Ms. Guevara will exceed the performance and her attitude will lead her to success, the success of our Community, and the success of our Making a Difference program in Atlantic Housing Foundation communities across the country.  Ms. Guevara is here for the residents of Tall Timbers Apartments and will have fun learning activities scheduled for our residents in our on-site Community Center.  Our Community Center is equipped with computers for learning, fun filled activities such as games, arts, crafts, reading, studies, etc.  We are promoting a new senior day, to help our seniors of our Community to get out and about, exercise, meet their neighbors and socialize to help their physical and health needs.  We are also promoting our Summer lunch program for school age residents, as well as possibly assist our seniors with much needed supplies and meals.   We send out monthly calendars with events scheduled, post on our social media Facebook and as well as posting here on this site.